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Sarah Kane
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Scene 2 of "Blasted", Ian attempts to hide Cate from the soldier, but the soldier says he can smell what?
(a) Smoke.
(b) Food.
(c) Gunpowder.
(d) Sex.

2. What does Cate do when Ian invites her to breakfast in Scene 2 of "Blasted"?
(a) Cries.
(b) Points his gun at him.
(c) Politely declined.
(d) Yells at him.

3. What does the soldier do with Ian's gun in Scene 3 of "Blasted"?
(a) Shoots Ian.
(b) Shoots Cate.
(c) Rapes Ian with it.
(d) Shoots himself.

4. What does the soldier do while raping Ian in "Blasted"?
(a) Weeps uncontrollably.
(b) Yells at him.
(c) Beats him.
(d) Bites his ear off.

5. Where does Scene 3 of "Cleansed" take place?
(a) The square room.
(b) The white room.
(c) The round room.
(d) The black room.

6. Who are amongst the crowd in disguise in Scene 8 of "Phaedra's Love"?
(a) Hippolytus and Phaedra.
(b) Strophe and Lena.
(c) Hippolytus and Lena.
(d) Theseus and Strophe.

7. How old is Robin in "Cleansed"?
(a) 15.
(b) 19.
(c) 16.
(d) 17.

8. What does the priest perform in Scene 6 of "Phaedra's Love"?
(a) A dance.
(b) Communion.
(c) Fellatio.
(d) Last rites.

9. What happens to Ian's eyes in "Blasted"?
(a) The soldier flushes them down the toilet.
(b) The soldier throws them out the window.
(c) The soldier stomps them into the carpet.
(d) The soldier eats them.

10. Ian claims in Scene 2 of "Blasted" that every awful thing he has done was for what?
(a) England.
(b) The government.
(c) Cate.
(d) Himself.

11. Where does Tinker inject Graham in Scene 1 of "Cleansed"?
(a) The arm.
(b) The eye.
(c) The ear.
(d) The foot.

12. When was the play "Blasted" first performed?
(a) 1989.
(b) 1993.
(c) 1995.
(d) 1992.

13. In Scene 8 of "Phaedra's Love", Theseus riles the crowd by suggesting that Hippolytus may be what?
(a) Acquitted.
(b) A god.
(c) Innocent.
(d) Made king.

14. What is Tinker doing for Graham in the opening of Scene 1 of "Cleansed"?
(a) Cooking heroin.
(b) Mending his clothes.
(c) His homework.
(d) Selling drugs.

15. Where was Sarah Kane born?
(a) The United States.
(b) England.
(c) Switzerland.
(d) France.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ian do for Cate when she is aching in Scene 2 of "Blasted"?

2. Robin tells Grace he is trying to become stable to return where in Scene 3 of "Cleansed"?

3. Where does Scene 4 of "Cleansed" take place?

4. Who is a violent racist tabloid reporter in "Blasted"?

5. What does Phaedra enter with in Scene 4 of "Phaedra's Love"?

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