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Sarah Kane
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When talking to the soldier in Scene 3 of "Blasted", Ian claims not to be English but what?
(a) Polish.
(b) Welsh.
(c) Irish.
(d) Russian.

2. Hippolytus cannot remember the last time he did what in Scene 4 of "Phaedra's Love"?
(a) Left the castle.
(b) Went to the races.
(c) Received a gift.
(d) Called his mother.

3. Hippolytus asks Phaedra when the last time she did what in Scene 4 of "Phaedra's Love"?
(a) Had sex.
(b) Left the castle.
(c) Ate.
(d) Had a drink.

4. When did the Bosnian War begin?
(a) 1992.
(b) 1983.
(c) 1995.
(d) 1988.

5. What does Strophe say the public wants to do to Hippolytus in Scene 5 of "Phaedra's Love"?
(a) Crown him king.
(b) Lynch him.
(c) Worship him.
(d) Celebrate him.

6. What does Cate destroy in Scene 2 of "Blasted" when Ian goes into the bathroom?
(a) Ian's jacket.
(b) Ian's shoes.
(c) Ian's hat.
(d) Ian's shirt.

7. What has destroyed the hotel room in Scene 3 of "Blasted"?
(a) A grenade.
(b) An earthquake.
(c) A tornado.
(d) A mortar shell.

8. What does Ian describe while Cate performs fellatio on him in Scene 2 of "Blasted"?
(a) A fight was involved in.
(b) His hometown.
(c) Mass graves and killings he carried out.
(d) His first sexual encounter.

9. Who are amongst the crowd in disguise in Scene 8 of "Phaedra's Love"?
(a) Theseus and Strophe.
(b) Hippolytus and Lena.
(c) Hippolytus and Phaedra.
(d) Strophe and Lena.

10. In Scene 8 of "Phaedra's Love", Theseus riles the crowd by suggesting that Hippolytus may be what?
(a) Acquitted.
(b) A god.
(c) Innocent.
(d) Made king.

11. What does Ian eat before dying in Scene 5 of "Blasted"?
(a) Cate's ear.
(b) The baby.
(c) A cockroach.
(d) His breakfast.

12. What does the doctor say Hippolytus needs to do in Scene 2 of "Phaedra's Love"?
(a) Take heart medication.
(b) Exercise every day.
(c) Change his diet and habits.
(d) Have his eyes checked by a specialist.

13. Who is being beaten in Scene 4 of "Cleansed"?
(a) Carl.
(b) Rod.
(c) Grace.
(d) Robin.

14. Ian says in Scene 2 of "Blasted" that who kills children like Cate's brother?
(a) The mob.
(b) The police.
(c) The ethnic militants.
(d) The United States Army.

15. What is referred to as one of the far reaches of the realm in Scene 8 of "Phaedra's Love"?
(a) Newcastle.
(b) Mount Wisdom.
(c) Fairhaven.
(d) Fog Manor.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did the Bosnian War end?

2. What refers to a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers?

3. Who is the king in "Phaedra's Love"?

4. What does Cate do after fainting in "Blasted"?

5. What does Tinker do after putting Grace to bed in Scene 3 of "Cleansed"?

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