Sarah Kane: Complete Plays Short Essay - Answer Key

Sarah Kane
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1. How many works are included in Sarah Kane: Complete Plays? What themes tie the works together?

This collection contains the five plays an one screenplay that constitute Sarah Kane's total canon. These works have a common set of themes and motifs, though their settings vary from modern England to a sort of metaphysical concentration camp to the nether-space of the disturbed mind. They are characterized by degradation, violence, suicide, and gallows humor.

2. What is the setting of "Blasted"? What characters enter in Scene 1?

"Blasted" takes place in a modern expensive hotel room in Leeds, England. Ian, a violent racist tabloid reporter, brings the childlike Cate here for a romantic escape as an undefined battle commences outside. The author implies that ethnic minorities - like those engages in civil was in the Balkans in the 1990s - are seizing control of Leeds.

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