Objects & Places from Sarah Kane: Complete Plays

Sarah Kane
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Leeds Hotel Room

This is the setting of "Blasted".


In "Blasted", Ian carries this object, which he leaves around the hotel room.

Hippolytus' Room

At the beginning of "Phaedra's Love", the prince never leaves this location.

The Patch of Mud

This is at the perimeter fence in the university/concentration camp of the play "Cleansed".

The Black Room

In "Cleansed", this location used to be the showers of the University but have been converted into a peep show.

The University

This location in "Cleansed" has been converted into a concentration camp.


This is a point of contention "4.48 Psychosis", in which the narrator refuses to take it.

The Union Jack Tattoo

This is on the right arm of Billy in the short film "Skin".


This becomes the central goal for almost all of Kane's major characters: Ian, Hippolytus, C, the protagonist of "4.48 Psychosis", and Billy.

South London

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