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Sarah Kane: Complete Plays Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Sarah Kane
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Essay Topics

Discuss the life and career of Sarah Kane. How many plays of Kane's were produced during her lifetime?

Describe the setting of "Blasted" and its inspiration from the Bosnian/Serbian conflicts during the 1990s. How many "rape camps" were instilled during this time?

Describe the character of Ian in "Blasted". How old is Ian? For what paper is he a journalist? How old is Ian?

Describe the character of Cate in "Blasted". What is Cate's objective in coming to the hotel with Ian? How old is she?

Define the literary and dramatic terms "objective," "obstacle," "action," and "conflict." How do each of these apply in Scene 2 in "Blasted"?

Discuss the theme of sexual violence in "Blasted". In what other plays in the anthology does this theme take a central role?

Describe and discuss the plot structure of "Blasted". Who is the protagonist of the play? How is this...

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