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Sarah Kane
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Ian - In "Blasted," this character is a racist, middle-aged tabloid journalist.

Cate - In "Blasted", this is a childlike young woman who goes to a hotel in Leeds with a former lover.

Soldier - This is an Eastern European militant besieging the city of Leeds at the beginning of "Blasted".

Phaedra - In "Phaedra's Love", this character hangs herself in the end of the play.

Hippolytus - This is the prince in "Phaedra's Love".

Tinker - This character is a drug dealer and doctor, and he is the commander of the university and concentration camp in "Cleansed".

Grace - This is the protagonist of "Cleansed" and comes to the university/concentration camp when her brother dies.

C - In "Crave", none of the voices comprise a single character, but this name seems to represented the central damaged female protagonist.

A - In "Crave", the voice referred...

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