Daily Lessons for Teaching Santa Fe Rules

Stuart Woods
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


The main character in SANTA FE RULES is Wolf Willet, a movie producer. Discuss Willet, his movie company, and how the profession plays a major role in the story.


1. Class discussion: Wolf Willet is a successful movie producer in Hollywood. What types of movies does Willet's company make? Who is Willet's partner? What is their relationship? How long have the men worked together? How successful is the company? What is Willet's role in the company? Does Willet's personal life mesh with his professional life? Explain. Why does Willet choose to live in Santa Fe when he is not working in Los Angeles? Is Willet successful? How would you describe Willet's life?

2. Write a biography of Willet to better understand the character, his profession, relationships and motivations.

3. Learn about the various job positions mentioned in the story. What is a movie producer? What is a director...

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