Santa Fe Rules Character Descriptions

Stuart Woods
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Wolf Willet

This character is a movie producer from Los Angeles who also owns a house in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Julia Willet or Miriam or Frances B. Kennerly

This character is Wolf's second wife.

Jack Tinney

This character is Wolf's movie industry partner.

Ed Eagle

This character is Wolf's attorney.

Barbara Kennerly

This character is the name Hannah Schlemmer takes while serving five years in prison.


This character is a biker who has a tendency to be violent.

Mark Shea

This character is a holistic psychiatrist.

Jane Deering and Sara

This character is the editor that Wolf is forced to hire to help him finish his film, L.A. Days.

James Grafton or Dan O'Hara

This character is the man with whom Hannah Schlemmer fell in love.

Monica Collins

This character is a friend of Julia Willet's who on two occasions shared a bed with both...

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