Santa Fe Rules Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stuart Woods
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Chapters 1-5

• Reader is introduced to Wolf Willet, a movie producer.

• Willet has been recently married.

• Willet and his wife, Julia, own homes in Santa Fe and Los Angeles.

• Willet wakes up with a headache.

• Willet ignores the dog's pleas for attention and goes about his business.
• Willet is due to be in Los Angeles.

• Willet takes his private plane.

• Willet thinks about his partnership with Jack Tinney.

• The men are partners and good friends.

• Willet has to make an emergency landing in Arizona.
• Willet realizes he has memory loss of the previous day and a half.

• Willet learns that there has been a triple murder at his Santa Fe home.

• Willet's wife, partner, and a third person, assumed to be Willet, are dead.

• Willet returns to Santa Fe.

• Willet breaks into his own house to retrieve some items and to view the crime scene.
• Willet visits Mark...

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