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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. No matter how efficient or advanced their distribution center is or how great their technology might be, _______________are the real key to Wal-Mart's success.
(a) The associates.
(b) The executives.
(c) The Walton family members.
(d) The managers.

2. The biggest challenge Wal-Mart has right now at this growth period is what?
(a) Keeping the electronic section stocked.
(b) Buying food procucts at a low price and staying stocked.
(c) Attracting customers.
(d) Buying health and beauty aids at a lower price and staying stocked.

3. Do Sam's kids feel as though Sam was not around during their childhood?
(a) Often.
(b) Yes.
(c) Sometimes.
(d) No.

4. Due to its location, Wal-Mart can enjoy what kind of advertising?
(a) Poor advertising.
(b) Simple advertising.
(c) Word-of-mouth advertising among the townsfolk.
(d) Expensive advertising.

5. Before Wal-Mart, what did the Waltons like to do?
(a) Go to the opera.
(b) Ride horses.
(c) Go fishing.
(d) Go camping.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Sam and Bob have Sam's son Rob do for them?

2. Sam is always looking for new and different ways to do things and takes great pleasure in ___________.

3. ____________ is one store that expanded and had a distribution center that offered a superior product merchandise that Wal-Mart could offer their customers.

4. When he is 14, Sam saves a boy from ____________.

5. At the time, nobody wants to invest in the idea with Bud putting only 3 percent into it and another manager from Texas putting in 2 percent. Other than that, Sam had to come up with what percent of the financing on his own?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Sam believe that Wal-Mart is successful? Why do other stores fail?

2. How does the store in Bentonville benefit Sam?

3. How would Sam spy on Kmart?

4. How did Sam treat his employees in the beginning? Why? What has he realized from this?

5. To what does Sam credit the success of the business?

6. With what traits does Sam say is is over-blessed? What does he do with these traits during his adolescence?

7. Describe, in general, this period of time for Wal-Mart.

8. How is Sam a maverick in the business world?

9. How does Sam decide where to build a Wal-Mart? Why?

10. What does Sam do when he is about to graduate from college?

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