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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. He learns from a very early age that children should do what?
(a) Be ignored.
(b) Be pampered.
(c) Be seen and not heard.
(d) Be responsible for contributing to their family just as much as the adults and should not be considered 'takers."

2. Sam purchases ____________ that only travels about 100 miles an hour.
(a) A bus.
(b) A little plane.
(c) A little car.
(d) A helicopter.

3. Sam attends the University of Missouri since he is already well-known in Columbia and joins what fraternity?
(a) Beta Tau Beta.
(b) Sigma Phi Epsilon.
(c) Beta Theta Pi.
(d) Phi Tau.

4. Unions have tried to organize at Wal-Mart. Have they been successful?
(a) Only at first.
(b) No.
(c) Not at first.
(d) Yes.

5. Now Wal-Mart has a profit-sharing policy for their employees that is currently ___________ at the time of publication.
(a) $18 billion.
(b) $1.8 trillion.
(c) $1.8 million.
(d) $1.8 billion.

Short Answer Questions

1. The idea of going public is brought up by __________.

2. No matter how efficient or advanced their distribution center is or how great their technology might be, _______________are the real key to Wal-Mart's success.

3. Sam and his brother Bud go into business together and purchase outright ______________.

4. Although there have been a number of changes in the Wal-Mart industry over the years, the Walton family still collectively owns __________ of their own business, which is rare for a major corporation.

5. At the time, nobody wants to invest in the idea with Bud putting only 3 percent into it and another manager from Texas putting in 2 percent. Other than that, Sam had to come up with what percent of the financing on his own?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sam encourage family togetherness? How does he also continue to obsess over business matters at the same time?

2. With what traits does Sam say is is over-blessed? What does he do with these traits during his adolescence?

3. What does Sam do while debating the idea of going public?

4. How does Sam have the personality of a promoter?

5. What has happened at Wal-Mart regarding unions? Why?

6. Describe Sam's family.

7. Describe Don Whitaker.

8. How does Sam feel about debts and loans?

9. Who plants the idea in Sam's mind of going public? How does he do this?

10. Give an example of what Sam would do on family vacations.

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