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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After he and Helen marry, Sam aims to build his family financial structure similar to ____________.
(a) How other wealthy men had built their fortunes.
(b) How the Robsons created their family fortune.
(c) How his boss created his fortune.
(d) How his father had created their family fortune.

2. His stores have been growing at a good rate, and he feels their success is partly due to placing stores __________.
(a) In large cities.
(b) In poor neighborhoods.
(c) In smaller towns.
(d) In the midwest.

3. Why does Sam buy a little bank in Bentonville?
(a) In order to earn money for Wal-Mart.
(b) In order to lend money to himself.
(c) He wants to control his money.
(d) In order to better understand the lending process and banking industry overall.

4. What do Sam and Bob have Sam's son Rob do for them?
(a) Find a way to avoid paying taxes, so they can start to get out of debt.
(b) Look into the legal aspects of going public and issuing stock shares to the public.
(c) Find a good lawyer to look into the legal aspects of going public and issuing stock shares to the public.
(d) Sue another company, so they can pay off their debts.

5. On what was Sam too focused?
(a) His managers.
(b) Being competitive.
(c) His executives.
(d) Himself.

6. The way the management treats its associates is exactly how they will treat who?
(a) Sam.
(b) Their customers.
(c) The executives.
(d) Other managers.

7. Back in the 1960s, with what was Sam more concerned, rather than quality?
(a) Keeping large quantities of products in the store.
(b) Keeping the customers returning.
(c) Good advertising.
(d) Keeping the prices lower than other company's prices for future success.

8. Sam talks about the impact of the business on _________.
(a) The United States.
(b) The world.
(c) His family.
(d) His community.

9. In the beginning, why was Sam unable to pay the associates well?
(a) He wanted to keep the money for himself.
(b) He had too many associates.
(c) He did not think they deserved to be paid well.
(d) He was too cheap.

10. Sam was born in ___________.
(a) Indianapolis, Indiana.
(b) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
(c) Tulsa, Oklahoma.
(d) Kingfisher, Oklahoma.

11. With what does Sam not want to deal that plague stores in bigger cities?
(a) Real estate issues, legal quandaries, and zoning problems.
(b) Wealthy clientele.
(c) Theft.
(d) A lack of space for building.

12. What did Sam have to do when the family was on vacation?
(a) He had to promote his company.
(b) He had to check out stores along the way.
(c) He had to forget about work.
(d) He had to deal with harrassing competition.

13. What do the Walton kids all have to do?
(a) Jobs.
(b) Play instruments.
(c) Study.
(d) Study business.

14. It is due to _________ that the company has been able to outperform the competition?
(a) The associates.
(b) The executives.
(c) The Walton family members.
(d) The managers.

15. When Sam did not like the attention given to him and his family by the press, he put a lid on the personal information released to the public. What happened because of this reason according to Sam?
(a) No one cares to know about the history of Wal-Mart.
(b) America forgot about him.
(c) His company suffered.
(d) A great deal of misinformation was released and taken as truth about him and his family.

Short Answer Questions

1. Although Sam is a small man at only 130 pounds, he works very hard and gets his letter in the sport of ___________.

2. At the time, nobody wants to invest in the idea with Bud putting only 3 percent into it and another manager from Texas putting in 2 percent. Other than that, Sam had to come up with what percent of the financing on his own?

3. He learns from a very early age that children should do what?

4. To encourage family togetherness, what does Sam do?

5. Sam's father, Thomas Gibson Walton, is a very hard worker who was later remembered for _____________.

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