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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sam was born in ___________.
(a) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
(b) Indianapolis, Indiana.
(c) Tulsa, Oklahoma.
(d) Kingfisher, Oklahoma.

2. Sam would walk into some of the big discount retailers and ask to speak with their top executives, introducing himself as "Sam Walton from Bentonville." Why would he do this?
(a) To pick their brains about how their operations were run.
(b) To make friends.
(c) To get a job at one of these stores.
(d) To let the competition know who he is.

3. It is due to _________ that the company has been able to outperform the competition?
(a) The executives.
(b) The managers.
(c) The associates.
(d) The Walton family members.

4. While debating the idea of going public, Sam flies around looking for _________.
(a) Someone to legally represent him.
(b) New executives.
(c) Another $1.5 million loan.
(d) Locations for new stores.

5. Sam believes that he was over-blessed with the traits of ____________.
(a) Love and kindness.
(b) Ambition and drive.
(c) Pride and jealousy.
(d) Understanding and empathy.

6. Sam finds a store in Bentonville, but almost does not get the business. Why?
(a) Helen does not want him to buy it.
(b) The two widowed owners almost refuse to sell it.
(c) He does not want to move to Bentonville.
(d) He cannot afford to buy the store.

7. Right away, Sam looks for other store opportunities and drives to Fayetteville to find a store whose only competitor is _________.
(a) JC Penney.
(b) Woolworth.
(c) Meijer.
(d) Ben Franklin.

8. What is significant about Sam's bet regarding being an Eagle Scout?
(a) He helped his sons become Eagle Scouts.
(b) He is the youngest in the state of Missouri at the time.
(c) He never truly wanted to be a Boy Scout.
(d) He never became an Eagle Scout.

9. What have Sam and his employees mastered?
(a) Building the same stores all over the country.
(b) Convincing towns to support a Wal-Mart.
(c) Many stores and the art of doing business with low expenses and low prices.
(d) The art of deception.

10. What is the first thing Sam does?
(a) He makes friends with those who run the town.
(b) He establishes a warehouse.
(c) He sends his sons to investigate the town.
(d) He moves into the town.

11. Do Sam's kids feel as though Sam was not around during their childhood?
(a) Often.
(b) No.
(c) Sometimes.
(d) Yes.

12. Sam wants to learn more about IBM computers to _________.
(a) Be ahead of the competition.
(b) Use computer technology just because he likes it.
(c) See what digital technology can do for Wal-Mart.
(d) Be cool.

13. Sam says by making sure the customers are treated well, what will be the result?
(a) His competition will give up.
(b) People will like him.
(c) Everything else will work out well for the company.
(d) He will make money.

14. How does placing stores in these small areas affect advertising?
(a) It makes advertising more necessary.
(b) It makes advertising cheaper.
(c) It make advertising more sophisticated.
(d) It makes advertising more expensive.

15. After he and Helen marry, Sam aims to build his family financial structure similar to ____________.
(a) How his father had created their family fortune.
(b) How other wealthy men had built their fortunes.
(c) How the Robsons created their family fortune.
(d) How his boss created his fortune.

Short Answer Questions

1. On what was Sam too focused?

2. Why does Wal-Mart share information with its associates?

3. Sam buys stores in Little Rock, Springdale, and Siloam Springs, Arkansas, as well as Neodesha and Coffeyville, ___________.

4. With what does Sam not want to deal that plague stores in bigger cities?

5. He learns from a very early age that children should do what?

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