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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. This book is Sam's attempt to __________________.
(a) Clear the misconceptions about him, his business, and most importantly, his views on how to build a successful company.
(b) Build up Wal-Mart's popularity.
(c) Earn extra money for his family.
(d) Make himself famous.

2. Why does Wal-Mart share information with its associates?
(a) To make them more responsible.
(b) To force them to make decisions within the company.
(c) To forge a greater partnership with them.
(d) To convince them that Sam cares about them.

3. The one mistake that Helen cannot forgive Sam for _________________.
(a) Letting the company go public and becoming the richest man in the country.
(b) Being a businessman.
(c) Not becoming an insurance salesman.
(d) Not making enough money.

4. Why is Ferold Arend hired?
(a) To take over Sam's position.
(b) To be CEO of Wal-Mart.
(c) To push Wal-Mart into the best distribution center possible.
(d) To improve the technology at Wal-Mart.

5. What does Sam admit was the biggest mistake of his business career?
(a) Purchasing of a shopping center.
(b) Purchasing this Woolworth.
(c) Purchasing this Ben Franklin.
(d) Purchasing this Kmart.

6. With what announcement does Sam Walton start the book?
(a) He is a proud man.
(b) He is a poor man.
(c) He is the happiest man in America.
(d) He is the richest man in America.

7. What did Sam have to do when the family was on vacation?
(a) He had to check out stores along the way.
(b) He had to deal with harrassing competition.
(c) He had to forget about work.
(d) He had to promote his company.

8. What do Sam and Bob have Sam's son Rob do for them?
(a) Look into the legal aspects of going public and issuing stock shares to the public.
(b) Sue another company, so they can pay off their debts.
(c) Find a good lawyer to look into the legal aspects of going public and issuing stock shares to the public.
(d) Find a way to avoid paying taxes, so they can start to get out of debt.

9. In 1962, four large companies started discount stores, including _____________ besides Wal-Mart?
(a) Kmart, Woolworth, Woolco, and Target.
(b) Kmart, Woolworth, Sears, and Meijer.
(c) Giant Eagle, Target, Woolco, and Woolworth.
(d) Meijer, Giant Eagle, Kmart, and Target.

10. What does Sam do after he establishes a Wal-Mart on the boundaries of big cities?
(a) He watches the competition disappear.
(b) He hopes that those in the cities come out to his store.
(c) He moves onto other cities.
(d) He watches as the communities grow to meet the store.

11. Sam would walk into some of the big discount retailers and ask to speak with their top executives, introducing himself as "Sam Walton from Bentonville." Why would he do this?
(a) To let the competition know who he is.
(b) To pick their brains about how their operations were run.
(c) To make friends.
(d) To get a job at one of these stores.

12. He thinks many of these failed stores would still be open if they had remembered to ___________.
(a) Hire someone like Sam.
(b) Support Wal-Mart.
(c) Be frugal.
(d) Take care of their customers and employees first.

13. Phil Green concocts __________.
(a) One of the most rediculous Wal-Mart stunts in history.
(b) One of the most famous displays in Wal-Mart history.
(c) One of the most expensive advertising campaigns in Wal-Mart history.
(d) One of the worst displays in Wal-Mart history.

14. On what was Sam too focused?
(a) Being competitive.
(b) Himself.
(c) His managers.
(d) His executives.

15. Sam purchases ____________ that only travels about 100 miles an hour.
(a) A helicopter.
(b) A little plane.
(c) A bus.
(d) A little car.

Short Answer Questions

1. Due to its location, Wal-Mart can enjoy what kind of advertising?

2. The biggest challenge Wal-Mart has right now at this growth period is what?

3. The idea of going public is brought up by __________.

4. Although Sam considers himself a fairly conservative guy, he is a _________ in the world of business.

5. Sam and his brother Bud go into business together and purchase outright ______________.

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