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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17: Running a Successful Company: Ten Rules that Worked for Me.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Sam did not like the attention given to him and his family by the press, he put a lid on the personal information released to the public. What happened because of this reason according to Sam?
(a) A great deal of misinformation was released and taken as truth about him and his family.
(b) No one cares to know about the history of Wal-Mart.
(c) America forgot about him.
(d) His company suffered.

2. Why is Ferold Arend hired?
(a) To push Wal-Mart into the best distribution center possible.
(b) To improve the technology at Wal-Mart.
(c) To take over Sam's position.
(d) To be CEO of Wal-Mart.

3. Their large private fleet of __________ is one of the largest in the country as well to give them the flexibility they need?
(a) Buses.
(b) Trains.
(c) Planes.
(d) Trucks.

4. Sam talks about the impact of the business on _________.
(a) His community.
(b) His family.
(c) The world.
(d) The United States.

5. The one mistake that Helen cannot forgive Sam for _________________.
(a) Being a businessman.
(b) Letting the company go public and becoming the richest man in the country.
(c) Not making enough money.
(d) Not becoming an insurance salesman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sam's father, Thomas Gibson Walton, is a very hard worker who was later remembered for _____________.

2. When did Wal-Mart take on Kmart?

3. How do Sam and Helen involve themselves in pet projects?

4. What is one of the most important changes in the Wal-Mart culture in recent years?

5. What does each store still apply?

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