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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15: Thinking Small.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When he is 14, Sam saves a boy from ____________.
(a) Getting hit by a car.
(b) A wild boar.
(c) Starving to death.
(d) Drowning.

2. To what does Sam compare the results of Wal-Mart's popularity?
(a) It is evolution similar to that of buggy horses to cars.
(b) Fads.
(c) The evolution of man.
(d) Religion.

3. What is the reason that Wal-Mart has succeeded?
(a) Sam was in the right place at the right time.
(b) Sam is very intelligent.
(c) Investors love Wal-Mart and Sam.
(d) It offers a superior alternative to the stores of the past.

4. Sam is always looking for new and different ways to do things and takes great pleasure in ___________.
(a) Bucking trends.
(b) Following trends.
(c) Starting trends.
(d) Researching trends.

5. Why does Wal-Mart share information with its associates?
(a) To convince them that Sam cares about them.
(b) To forge a greater partnership with them.
(c) To make them more responsible.
(d) To force them to make decisions within the company.

Short Answer Questions

1. It is 1962 and many of the successful discounters are doing what, of which Sam seems to disapprove?

2. What do the Walton kids all have to do?

3. They officially close the door on ___________.

4. Initially why does Sam's superior questions whether he is good at retail?

5. Does Sam believe he is as hands-on as other managers?

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