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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15: Thinking Small.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sam encourage his management and associates to always do?
(a) Stay positive.
(b) Think of fun and interesting things to do in the store.
(c) Make work hours go by quickly.
(d) Work hard.

2. What does competition do to Wal-Mart?
(a) It makes it weaker.
(b) It makes it more devious and dangerous.
(c) It makes it stronger and more honed on the marketplace than it might have been if left by itself.
(d) It does not affect it.

3. What have Sam and his employees mastered?
(a) The art of deception.
(b) Building the same stores all over the country.
(c) Many stores and the art of doing business with low expenses and low prices.
(d) Convincing towns to support a Wal-Mart.

4. Sam's father, Thomas Gibson Walton, is a very hard worker who was later remembered for _____________.
(a) His quiet demeanor.
(b) His loving personality.
(c) His honesty and integrity.
(d) His wealth.

5. No matter how efficient or advanced their distribution center is or how great their technology might be, _______________are the real key to Wal-Mart's success.
(a) The managers.
(b) The Walton family members.
(c) The associates.
(d) The executives.

Short Answer Questions

1. Did Sam get into the retail business to make money?

2. How can the meetings be described?

3. Did Sam have revenge on his mind when he did this?

4. ____________ is one store that expanded and had a distribution center that offered a superior product merchandise that Wal-Mart could offer their customers.

5. For a variety of reasons, Rob convinces Sam to do what with his debt?

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