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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12: Making the Customer Number One.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Now Wal-Mart has a profit-sharing policy for their employees that is currently ___________ at the time of publication.
(a) $1.8 billion.
(b) $1.8 trillion.
(c) $1.8 million.
(d) $18 billion.

2. With what announcement does Sam Walton start the book?
(a) He is the happiest man in America.
(b) He is a poor man.
(c) He is a proud man.
(d) He is the richest man in America.

3. He learns from a very early age that children should do what?
(a) Be pampered.
(b) Be responsible for contributing to their family just as much as the adults and should not be considered 'takers."
(c) Be ignored.
(d) Be seen and not heard.

4. What is the reason that Wal-Mart has succeeded?
(a) Sam is very intelligent.
(b) Sam was in the right place at the right time.
(c) It offers a superior alternative to the stores of the past.
(d) Investors love Wal-Mart and Sam.

5. Helen had to help Sam sign the notes to secure all the money and by the time it was ready, what had happened?
(a) They had borrowed as much as they possibly could.
(b) They had decided to borrow money.
(c) They had spent all of their own money.
(d) They had borrowed some money.

Short Answer Questions

1. No matter how efficient or advanced their distribution center is or how great their technology might be, _______________are the real key to Wal-Mart's success.

2. Sam has one motto that he repeats frequently in the book and to anyone who will listen to him. What is this motto?

3. Sam eventually returns to Newport, Arkansas, and opens a Wal-Mart near ________.

4. Wal-Mart starts building stores quickly by establishing ___________.

5. Although there have been a number of changes in the Wal-Mart industry over the years, the Walton family still collectively owns __________ of their own business, which is rare for a major corporation.

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