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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8: Rolling Out the Formula.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sam tell Abe Marks that he does not need their systems?
(a) His systems are faulty.
(b) Computers are a waste of time.
(c) He is a retail genius.
(d) He does not have enough money.

2. Sam was born in ___________.
(a) Kingfisher, Oklahoma.
(b) Indianapolis, Indiana.
(c) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
(d) Tulsa, Oklahoma.

3. Sam's attention to his associates and each manager having a minority share in the business sets the stage for _____.
(a) The now-famous bi-annaul stockholders meetings.
(b) The now-famous semi-annual stockholders meetings.
(c) The now-famous Saturday meetings.
(d) The now-famous annual stockholders meetings.

4. What is significant about Sam's bet regarding being an Eagle Scout?
(a) He never became an Eagle Scout.
(b) He helped his sons become Eagle Scouts.
(c) He never truly wanted to be a Boy Scout.
(d) He is the youngest in the state of Missouri at the time.

5. How does Sam feel never being on a losing team helped him?
(a) It makes him never want to be a loser.
(b) It helps him not trust losers.
(c) It helps him believe that he can always win.
(d) It helps him trust others to be losers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Walton kids all have to do?

2. When he is 14, Sam saves a boy from ____________.

3. Right away, Sam looks for other store opportunities and drives to Fayetteville to find a store whose only competitor is _________.

4. How does placing stores in these small areas affect advertising?

5. Now that Sam is out of debt, he feels he can really concentrate on _________.

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