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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3: Bouncing Back.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sam enlists the help of Charlie Baum, whom he met ______________.
(a) In high school.
(b) While in college.
(c) While working at JC Penney.
(d) While working with the Ben Franklin store.

2. Sam's appreciation for the dollar is further ingrained when he meets ______________.
(a) His wife.
(b) His uncle, L.S. Robson.
(c) His wife's father, L.S. Robson.
(d) His first boss.

3. Sam and Charlie create the _______ self-service style variety store in the country and the first one in the eight-state area.
(a) Third.
(b) Fifth.
(c) Fourth.
(d) Second.

4. He learns from a very early age that children should do what?
(a) Be ignored.
(b) Be pampered.
(c) Be seen and not heard.
(d) Be responsible for contributing to their family just as much as the adults and should not be considered 'takers."

5. No matter how hard Sam's father worked or how many different jobs he had, what happened?
(a) His family was never satisfied.
(b) He was never happy.
(c) He never felt like he could work hard enough.
(d) His family was never comfortable.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sam purchases ____________ that only travels about 100 miles an hour.

2. When Sam did not like the attention given to him and his family by the press, he put a lid on the personal information released to the public. What happened because of this reason according to Sam?

3. Sam was born in ___________.

4. After he and Helen marry, Sam aims to build his family financial structure similar to ____________.

5. How does Sam feel never being on a losing team helped him?

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