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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3: Bouncing Back.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sam starts to hear about discounting companies. He knows that discounting is the way of the future but is fully immersed in what?
(a) Franchising.
(b) Discount stores.
(c) Variety stores.
(d) Boutiques.

2. Sam enlists the help of Charlie Baum, whom he met ______________.
(a) While in college.
(b) While working at JC Penney.
(c) In high school.
(d) While working with the Ben Franklin store.

3. Sam finds a store in Bentonville, but almost does not get the business. Why?
(a) He cannot afford to buy the store.
(b) Helen does not want him to buy it.
(c) The two widowed owners almost refuse to sell it.
(d) He does not want to move to Bentonville.

4. Sam was born in ___________.
(a) Kingfisher, Oklahoma.
(b) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
(c) Indianapolis, Indiana.
(d) Tulsa, Oklahoma.

5. What does Sam admit was the biggest mistake of his business career?
(a) Purchasing this Kmart.
(b) Purchasing this Ben Franklin.
(c) Purchasing this Woolworth.
(d) Purchasing of a shopping center.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sam realize he must get a career job and accepts a job from JC Penney?

2. Sam's appreciation for the dollar is further ingrained when he meets ______________.

3. What kind of farm does Sam's family have?

4. Although Sam is a small man at only 130 pounds, he works very hard and gets his letter in the sport of ___________.

5. In 1939, he meets Hugh Mattingly who owns _____________.

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