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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3: Bouncing Back.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sam believes that he was over-blessed with the traits of ____________.
(a) Understanding and empathy.
(b) Love and kindness.
(c) Ambition and drive.
(d) Pride and jealousy.

2. Why does Sam realize he must get a career job and accepts a job from JC Penney?
(a) He needs money.
(b) He cannot afford to go to Wharton School of Finance in Pennsylvania.
(c) He cannot afford to go to Harvard Law.
(d) He no longer wants to continue going to school.

3. How do the children have just as high a stake in the family business as their parents?
(a) If he cannot earn enough money, neither do they.
(b) He threatens each child.
(c) He makes every member of the family a partner in the family business.
(d) He gives each child money to spend or save.

4. How does Sam feel never being on a losing team helped him?
(a) It helps him not trust losers.
(b) It helps him believe that he can always win.
(c) It helps him trust others to be losers.
(d) It makes him never want to be a loser.

5. Sam is about to graduate with a degree in business and has plenty of energy, but is unsure ___________.
(a) Where his future lies.
(b) If he wants to go to graduate school.
(c) If he wants to be in business.
(d) Where he wants to live.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of farm does Sam's family have?

2. Sam was born in ___________.

3. Initially why does Sam's superior questions whether he is good at retail?

4. After he and Helen marry, Sam aims to build his family financial structure similar to ____________.

5. Sam finds a store in Bentonville, but almost does not get the business. Why?

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