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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15: Thinking Small.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Due to its location, Wal-Mart can enjoy what kind of advertising?
(a) Poor advertising.
(b) Simple advertising.
(c) Expensive advertising.
(d) Word-of-mouth advertising among the townsfolk.

2. What did Sam have to do when the family was on vacation?
(a) He had to deal with harrassing competition.
(b) He had to forget about work.
(c) He had to promote his company.
(d) He had to check out stores along the way.

3. While debating the idea of going public, Sam flies around looking for _________.
(a) Another $1.5 million loan.
(b) Locations for new stores.
(c) New executives.
(d) Someone to legally represent him.

4. Sam believes that thanks to the superior distribution system implemented, they were able to acquire what stores seamlessly integrate the stores into the current system?
(a) Big K.
(b) Kroger.
(c) Meijer.
(d) Kmart.

5. Sam believes that he was over-blessed with the traits of ____________.
(a) Understanding and empathy.
(b) Love and kindness.
(c) Pride and jealousy.
(d) Ambition and drive.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sam enlists the help of Charlie Baum, whom he met ______________.

2. Sam suggests that if you want to be successful, you need to _______ to your own interests?

3. How does Sam feel never being on a losing team helped him?

4. At the time, nobody wants to invest in the idea with Bud putting only 3 percent into it and another manager from Texas putting in 2 percent. Other than that, Sam had to come up with what percent of the financing on his own?

5. Now that Sam is out of debt, he feels he can really concentrate on _________.

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