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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5: Raising a Family.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Helen want four children by the time she is thirty?
(a) She does not want to be lonely.
(b) So she will have plenty of people to care for her when she is old.
(c) So she will have plenty of time with her grandchildren.
(d) She needs something to do.

2. Back in the 1960s, with what was Sam more concerned, rather than quality?
(a) Keeping the prices lower than other company's prices for future success.
(b) Keeping large quantities of products in the store.
(c) Keeping the customers returning.
(d) Good advertising.

3. No matter how hard Sam's father worked or how many different jobs he had, what happened?
(a) He never felt like he could work hard enough.
(b) He was never happy.
(c) His family was never satisfied.
(d) His family was never comfortable.

4. Sam attends the University of Missouri since he is already well-known in Columbia and joins what fraternity?
(a) Phi Tau.
(b) Sigma Phi Epsilon.
(c) Beta Theta Pi.
(d) Beta Tau Beta.

5. How do the children have just as high a stake in the family business as their parents?
(a) If he cannot earn enough money, neither do they.
(b) He gives each child money to spend or save.
(c) He threatens each child.
(d) He makes every member of the family a partner in the family business.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Walton kids all have to do?

2. Sam and his brother Bud go into business together and purchase outright ______________.

3. Sam enlists the help of Charlie Baum, whom he met ______________.

4. Before Wal-Mart, what did the Waltons like to do?

5. Helen had to help Sam sign the notes to secure all the money and by the time it was ready, what had happened?

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