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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5: Raising a Family.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 1962, four large companies started discount stores, including _____________ besides Wal-Mart?
(a) Meijer, Giant Eagle, Kmart, and Target.
(b) Giant Eagle, Target, Woolco, and Woolworth.
(c) Kmart, Woolworth, Sears, and Meijer.
(d) Kmart, Woolworth, Woolco, and Target.

2. The one mistake that Helen cannot forgive Sam for _________________.
(a) Not making enough money.
(b) Letting the company go public and becoming the richest man in the country.
(c) Being a businessman.
(d) Not becoming an insurance salesman.

3. With what announcement does Sam Walton start the book?
(a) He is the happiest man in America.
(b) He is a poor man.
(c) He is the richest man in America.
(d) He is a proud man.

4. No matter how hard Sam's father worked or how many different jobs he had, what happened?
(a) He was never happy.
(b) He never felt like he could work hard enough.
(c) His family was never satisfied.
(d) His family was never comfortable.

5. In 1939, he meets Hugh Mattingly who owns _____________.
(a) The first Wal-Mart.
(b) A Ben Franklin store in town.
(c) A variety store chain with 60 stores.
(d) A discount store chain with 40 stores.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sam admit was the biggest mistake of his business career?

2. Although Sam is a small man at only 130 pounds, he works very hard and gets his letter in the sport of ___________.

3. Sam buys stores in Little Rock, Springdale, and Siloam Springs, Arkansas, as well as Neodesha and Coffeyville, ___________.

4. Sam is about to graduate with a degree in business and has plenty of energy, but is unsure ___________.

5. Sam attends the University of Missouri since he is already well-known in Columbia and joins what fraternity?

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