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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10: Stepping Back.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Don is a good example of another one of Sam's top talents. What is this talent?
(a) Choosing great employees.
(b) Choosing great advertisers.
(c) Choosing great leaders.
(d) Choosing great managers.

2. How does placing stores in these small areas affect advertising?
(a) It makes advertising more necessary.
(b) It makes advertising more expensive.
(c) It make advertising more sophisticated.
(d) It makes advertising cheaper.

3. The reason that other stores fail is because ____________.
(a) They are looking out for themselves first.
(b) They do not have Sam Walton.
(c) They only care about their employees.
(d) They do not have the funds that Wal-Mart has.

4. What have Sam and his employees mastered?
(a) The art of deception.
(b) Convincing towns to support a Wal-Mart.
(c) Building the same stores all over the country.
(d) Many stores and the art of doing business with low expenses and low prices.

5. Due to its location, Wal-Mart can enjoy what kind of advertising?
(a) Simple advertising.
(b) Word-of-mouth advertising among the townsfolk.
(c) Poor advertising.
(d) Expensive advertising.

Short Answer Questions

1. He decides to run for the student body president and wins by doing one important move. What is that move?

2. They officially close the door on ___________.

3. Sam has the personality of _______________.

4. In 1939, he meets Hugh Mattingly who owns _____________.

5. Sam would walk into some of the big discount retailers and ask to speak with their top executives, introducing himself as "Sam Walton from Bentonville." Why would he do this?

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