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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10: Stepping Back.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sam do after he establishes a Wal-Mart on the boundaries of big cities?
(a) He hopes that those in the cities come out to his store.
(b) He watches as the communities grow to meet the store.
(c) He moves onto other cities.
(d) He watches the competition disappear.

2. Wal-Mart starts building stores quickly by establishing ___________.
(a) Deals with community leaders.
(b) A friendship with the members of the towns.
(c) A cookie-cutter strategy.
(d) A community.

3. What does Sam do after the answer to number 88?
(a) He pulls out a map, filling in every area in that market region.
(b) He encourages his new neighbors to support the building of a Wal-Mart.
(c) He runs the competition out of town.
(d) He bribes the community counsel members into supporting his store.

4. In 1939, he meets Hugh Mattingly who owns _____________.
(a) A variety store chain with 60 stores.
(b) The first Wal-Mart.
(c) A discount store chain with 40 stores.
(d) A Ben Franklin store in town.

5. How does Sam feel never being on a losing team helped him?
(a) It makes him never want to be a loser.
(b) It helps him trust others to be losers.
(c) It helps him not trust losers.
(d) It helps him believe that he can always win.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what does Sam not want to deal that plague stores in bigger cities?

2. Due to its location, Wal-Mart can enjoy what kind of advertising?

3. Don Whitaker comes to the Wal-Mart organization from TG&Y. He is a hard-working and smart man who establishes a great philosophy for the company. What is this philosophy?

4. Sam is not interested in retail because __________________.

5. Sam has the personality of _______________.

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