Daily Lessons for Teaching Sam Walton, Made in America: My Story

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Daily Lessons

Objective: In Chapter 1: Learning to Value a Dollar, Sam grows up during the Great Depression and is highly influenced by his father. This lesson will discuss Sam's childhood and early understanding of the importance of money.

1) Class Discussion: How does this book begin?

Small Group Activity: What is learned about Sam Walton in the beginning of the book? How does this prepare the reader for what might be found in this book?

Class Discussion: Discuss what is learned in the beginning of this book about Sam and his company. Create a KWL chart for Sam, listing what is known about him and what you want to know about him. How important is Sam's family? How might his family influence his behavior as an adult?

Individual Activity: Research the Great Depression. What caused the Great Depression? How were Americans affected by it? How did it change his behavior...

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