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Randolph B. Campbell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Houston returned to Texas he discovered that he had been elected to which of the following?
(a) Attorney General's office.
(b) Congress.
(c) Senate.
(d) Presidency.

2. Houston was forced to take a stance on slavery. Houston's political position was _____.
(a) Moderate.
(b) Neutral.
(c) Liberal.
(d) Conservative.

3. Houston was content to remain in a non-executive role. Instead, unknown _____ was elected to the White House.
(a) Polk.
(b) Pierce.
(c) Tyler.
(d) Taylor.

4. Which city did Houston to travel to in order to have an ankle operation?
(a) Dallas.
(b) Biloxi.
(c) New Orleans.
(d) Atlanta.

5. Houston promised the people that funds would be made available for schools and _____.
(a) Railroads.
(b) Highways.
(c) Small businesses.
(d) Public parks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What other Southern party objected to the person elected as president?

2. Houston decided to play the U.S. against _____ in order to make both sides want to take over Texas.

3. In regards to Indian relations, Houston implemented a plan to set up ranger stations and ______.

4. In what year was Houston being strongly considered as a U.S. presidential candidate?

5. Houston was also outraged at the way the ______ had been treated.

Short Essay Questions

1. Where did the Houstons go after Sam left office? How was the Houston family still involved in the Civil War?

2. An election was called. Who were the running mates? How was Houston involved? Who won the race?

3. What events occurred around the time annexation was approved by Congress?

4. Explain the position of the United States government regarding statehood for Texas.

5. Discuss Santa Anna's invasion of San Antonio. What step did Congress take next?

6. Explain some of the issues Houston had with Lamar's behavior and government policies.

7. Who were the Know-Nothings? What was their core belief? How did Houston view the party?

8. Name at least two major issues confronting Houston in his new role as president.

9. Discuss Houston's final act in the political arena.

10. Why was Houston against the Act in principle?

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