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Randolph B. Campbell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Many people wanted Santa Anna's head on a platter for his involvement in the massacre at the Alamo and at ______.
(a) Washington-on-the-Bravos.
(b) Velasco.
(c) San Jacinto.
(d) Goliad.

2. Houston started a plantation at which site?
(a) Raven's Hill.
(b) San Antonio.
(c) Sabine City.
(d) Galveston.

3. In 1862, after U.S. forces took over Houston's new area of residence, Houston moved his family to _____.
(a) Ashland.
(b) Barbourville.
(c) Huntsville.
(d) San Felipe.

4. In what year did Houston make another bid for the governorship of Texas?
(a) 1855.
(b) 1861.
(c) 1858.
(d) 1857.

5. Who was responsible for starting a skirmish with the Indian allies?
(a) Bowie.
(b) Montrose.
(c) Cordova.
(d) Farias.

Short Answer Questions

1. The government repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1821 which set _______ regarding slavery.

2. As a measure of commitment, the legislators wanted people to take an oath of _____.

3. Houston was eager to right some of the wrongs created under _____.

4. What term is used to describe the people whom Houston served?

5. What major event did Houston refuse to attend?

Short Essay Questions

1. Name at least two major issues confronting Houston in his new role as president.

2. An election was called. Who were the running mates? How was Houston involved? Who won the race?

3. Discuss some of Houston's extracurricular activities away from the political landscape of Texas government.

4. When and how did Houston make his return to the political limelight?

5. Explain some of the issues Houston had with Lamar's behavior and government policies.

6. How did Houston play both sides of the fence in his bid to get the U.S. to approve annexation?

7. The death of Abel Upshur was a hard hit for Houston's annexation plan. Who was Upshur?

8. Discuss Santa Anna's invasion of San Antonio. What step did Congress take next?

9. How did Houston's actions thwart his political career and ambitions?

10. Why did Houston leave Texas at this time? What did he find when he returned?

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