Sam Houston and the American Southwest Short Essay - Answer Key

Randolph B. Campbell
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1. What was Sam Houston's background? Where were his people from and where did they settle?

Sam Houston was a descendant of Scottish-Irish immigrants from Pennsylvania. His grandfather, John Houston, owned and operated the Timber Ridge plantation in Virginia. His father, Samuel, took over the plantation but went bankrupt causing the family to move to Tennessee. Houston spent his childhood in Tennessee. At that time Tennessee was still considered to be frontier country.

2. Discuss Houston's childhood. What was Houston like as a child? What was his strongest subject in school?

Sam Houston, born in 1793, was the fifth of nine children. As a child Houston was rebellious and it was recognized early on that he would not make a good farmer or store keeper. Houston had little in the way of formal education but he did love to read and did so as much as possible.

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