Sam Houston and the American Southwest Quiz | Eight Week Quiz F

Randolph B. Campbell
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the cause of death?
(a) Stroke.
(b) Pneumonia.
(c) Heart attack.
(d) Food poisoning.

2. How long did it take Houston to get his license?
(a) 9 months.
(b) 6 months.
(c) 12 months.
(d) 3 months.

3. Sam Houston became friends with _____, a future president.
(a) Thomas Jefferson.
(b) John Quincy Adams.
(c) Andrew Jackson.
(d) Abraham Lincoln.

4. Who took the man's place as the new Secretary of State?
(a) Prentiss.
(b) Trimble.
(c) Austin.
(d) Calhoun.

5. What important position was held by John Calhoun?
(a) Secretary of War.
(b) Speaker of the House.
(c) Vice President.
(d) Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Houston set up headquarters in what area?

2. What subject did Houston want to study at a "proper" academy?

3. Houston was unforgiving because the man had wounded his _____.

4. Houston was gravely concerned over which of the following?

5. What was the name of Houston's young wife?

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