Objects & Places from Sam Houston and the American Southwest

Randolph B. Campbell
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The Creek War

In a battle against the Creek Indians, young Sam Houston was severely wounded while leading a charge in this battle.


Sam Houston grew up in this location.

Indian Dress

For several years, Sam Houston employed this type of attire while doing his job as a diplomat.

San Jacinto

Sam Houston, as commander of the Texas army, defeated Mexican General Santa Anna at this River.

The Archives War

This confrontation came about when Houston officials tried to smuggle government papers out of Austin.

The Consultation

This was organized by Sam Houston on October 16 and 17, 1835.

Paper Money

Houston's first years as president of Texas were plagued with financial problems. As a result the Texas government issued this item.


This location served as a fort in San Antonio.


As Texas president and later as U.S. Senator from Texas, Houston worked hard to ensure this...

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