Sam Houston and the American Southwest Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Randolph B. Campbell
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Chapter 1

• Sam Houston, born in 1793, was the fifth of nine children.

• Sam Houston was descended from Scottish-Irish immigrants from Pennsylvania.

• Houston's, John Houston, owned the Timber Ridge plantation in Virginia.

• Houston's father, Samuel, was a major in the Revolutionary Army.

• In 1806, Samuel was bankrupt, prompting him to sell Timber Ridge.
• Samuel died in 1806.

• The Houstons moved to Tennessee.

• Sam was rebellious and ran away to live with the Cherokee.

• Chief Oo-loo-te-ka's tribe taught Houston Cherokee ways.

• Houston opened a school in Maryville.

• The War of 1812 broke out.
• Houston studied mathematics at a proper academy.

• In 1813 Houston joined the Seventh U.S. Infantry.

• Houston met and befriended Andrew Jackson.

• Houston became a federal agent.

• Houston thwarted a war by acting as liaison with the Cherokee.

• Houston resigned from the army in 1818 at the age of 25.

Chapter 2

• Houston returned to Tennessee.

• Judge James Trimble helped Houston study for the bar...

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