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Ruta Sepetys
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Short Answer Questions

1. In Section 4, what time does Joana hear a loud bang and feel a massive jolt?

2. In Section 3, how old is Joana?

3. In Section 3, what other ship does Alfred mention is sitting opposite the Gustloff?

4. In Section 3, how many pieces of art does Florian remember Dr. Lange telling him would be transferred from Poland to Germany?

5. In Section 4, what music does Emilia hear on the ship's speakers?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Section 3, what does Emilia remember about the invasion of Poland?

2. In Section 4, who springs into action in the maternity ward after the torpedo hits?

3. In Section 3 as Joana leaves the movie house with Emilia, what does she see as she walks toward the ship?

4. What does Alfred do when a sailor tells him to get a coat if he can find one?

5. Where was art stolen from for Hitler and where was some of it hidden?

6. In Section 4, how does Alfred describe the ship's departure?

7. In Section 4, why does Joana say that she is a murderer?

8. In Section 3, how does Alfred describe the swimming area on the ship?

9. In Section 3, what is blood guilt?

10. In Section 3, why does Eva not register with the rest of the group?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the novel, some characters are more thoroughly described than others. Who are some characters that are merely named in passing or have a minor role in the novel? What is the importance of these flat characters to the story line? In what way do these characters make the main characters more colorful or interesting? When there is conflict, what type of role do these flat characters play?

Essay Topic 2

Characters struggle with internal and external conflicts. How do various characters face the conflicts they encounter, and how do the conflicts reveal character traits?

Essay Topic 3

Emilia comes to see her child as a symbol of hope and a future. How does Halinka represent hope and a future?

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