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Ruta Sepetys
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Short Answer Questions

1. In Section 1, what does Emilia's crying remind Florian of?

2. In Section 1, what does the shoemaker say killed the woman Joana found dead in the snow?

3. In Section 2, what type of soup does the group have at the manor house?

4. In Section 2, what is the name of a friend that Florian had who died in service?

5. In Section 1, when does Joana remember Germany invading Russia?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Section 2, what is the Amber Room?

2. In Section 2, how does Emilia describe the crossing of the ice?

3. In Section 1, what does Emilia remember doing with her mother?

4. In Section 1, what does Joana say about the war and what has been happening for the last four years?

5. In Section 1, how many horses do Joana's group have and why?

6. In Section 2, what amenities does Alfred describe of the Gustloff?

7. In Section 2, why does Joana say that Florian and Emilia should travel with the group?

8. In Section 1, what does Alfred say about Operation Hannibal as he imagines writing a letter to Hannelore?

9. In Section 2, how does Florian think that the family of the manor house died?

10. In Section 1, what does Eva learn about Emilia by talking with her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the beginning of the novel; Joana, Florian, Emilia, and Alfred all name something that is a hunter. What does each character say is a hunter and how are guilt, fate, shame, and fear hunters?

Essay Topic 2

The sea claims many lives when the ship is torpedoed. How does the sea represent the battle between humans and the elements and the struggle to survive?

Essay Topic 3

Sepetys uses foreshadowing throughout the novel. How does the author use foreshadowing to build suspense and tension in the novel?

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