Salt to the Sea Short Essay - Answer Key

Ruta Sepetys
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1. How did a six-year-old boy come to travel with Joana and her group in Section 1?

As Joana's group had walked past the forest, the boy wandered out of the forest alone and began to follow the group. When Joana asked him how old he was, he told her that he was six. He told her that he had been traveling with his Omi, but his grandmother did not wake up. So the boy traveled with the group after that.

2. In Section 1, what does Emilia see after the Russian soldier accosts her?

After the Russian soldier accosts Emilia, she stirs to see that the soldier is dead. In the corner she sees a young man dressed in civilian clothes. His shirt and coat are unfastened and reveal bloody and bruised skin. Emilia realizes that the young man killed the Russian and saved her.

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