Salt to the Sea Character Descriptions

Ruta Sepetys
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This character, a nurse, is fleeing from her home country of Lithuania and ends up traveling with a group. She feels responsible for a cousin’s family’s death. This character ultimately survives the torpedo attack.


This character was an apprentice for an art dealer who was actually a thief. Being good at restoration of art, this character uses his skills to gain a boarding pass for the Gustloff and ultimately survives the torpedo attack.


This Polish woman is pregnant from a rape at the beginning of the novel. She eventually gives birth to a baby girl onboard the ship, the Gustloff. When the ship is attached by a torpedo, this character manages to save her baby, but she herself dies.


This character is a low-ranking Nazi who idolizes Hitler and is ultimately viewed as deranged by other characters. He spends most of the book...

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