Salt to the Sea Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ruta Sepetys
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Section 1: Pages 1-69.

• Joana, Florian, Emilia and Alfred are introduced as the narrators in the first four chapters of the book.

• Joan begins her section saying that “Guilt is a hunter” (1).

• She is traveling with a group fleeing from the Russians.

• Joana fled from Lithuania in 1941.

• They pass a mound on the side of the road, and the six-year-old boy who joined them a few days ago points.

• He appeared out of the woods and said that he was traveling with his grandmother, who did not wake up one morning.

• He has been with the group ever since.

• The mound is a young woman who has frozen to death.

• Joana takes the woman’s identification papers and plans to give them to the Red Cross.

• Florian thinks that “Fate is a hunter” (3) as he is hiding in the trees.

• Though he is German, he is fleeing both the...

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