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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mark go to the cellar?

2. What does Ben place around Matt's neck when he visits him in the hospital?

3. What does Susan decide to do as a result of her argument with her mother?

4. Who does Father Callahan go to see in the hospital?

5. Who does Mark claim attempted to enter his house and bite him the night before?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is Susan while Mark is being held prisoner upstairs? Does Mark attempt to rescue her? What happens to Susan?

2. Who comes to Mark Petrie's window and asks to be invited in? Why does Mark initially refuse? Why does he change his mind?

3. What does Mark Petrie tell Ben? What do they find while taking a drive?

4. Why does Ben return to Jerusalem's Lot after having escaped the vampires the day before?

5. How does Mark escape from the rope with which Straker has tied him? How does Mark escape Straker?

6. What does Father Callahan initially believe is the cause of Matt's story about the vampires in Jerusalem's Lot?

7. What story does Father Callahan tell Matt that helps him realize Father Callahan believes in vampires?

8. What does Matt ask Father Callahan to do as a result of their conversation? Why?

9. Why do Ben and Mark return to Jerusalem's Lot?

10. What is Ben forced to do while in the Marsten House? How does this connect to a tragedy in his past?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss these themes, the characters they illustrate, and the author's intentions as regard to these themes:

1) Child abuse

2) Marital infidelity

3) Grief

Essay Topic 2

Discuss foreshadowing. How is the arrival of the vampires foreshadowed in the beginning of this novel? How does the childhood prank pulled on Ben Mears foreshadow his return to Jerusalem's Lot? How does the death of Ben's wife foreshadow Ben's act of murder against Susan? Discuss how Susan's relationship with Floyd Tibbits foreshadows the altercation between him and Ben.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss one of the following aspects of the setting of this novel:

1) The time period. In what year is the novel set? What impact does this year have on the novel? How does this year compare to modern time?

2) The location. Why was Maine chosen? What is unique about this area, this town, that leaves it vulnerable to attack by vampires?

3) The setting as a whole. How does the setting influence the development of the plot? What about the setting makes the plot more believable? How would the novel be different if it had been set elsewhere or in a different time period?

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