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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Susan find in the guest bedroom while waiting for an ambulance to respond to her call for help after Matt has a heart attack?

2. What was the source of information regarding the girl killed by vampires?

3. Why does Father Callahan believe the story of the young woman's death by vampires?

4. Who is killed by a busload of vampire children?

5. What does this person tell Susan about the situation that brought Ben to the hospital?

Short Essay Questions

1. What story does Father Callahan tell Matt that helps him realize Father Callahan believes in vampires?

2. Who comes to Mark Petrie's window and asks to be invited in? Why does Mark initially refuse? Why does he change his mind?

3. Who does Ben bury in the backyard of the Petrie house? Why?

4. Who wakes to find her child dead in the beginning of Chapter 10? What is this person's reaction?

5. Why does Ben return to Jerusalem's Lot after having escaped the vampires the day before?

6. What does Ben make a crucifix out of? What does this crucifix symbolize?

7. What happens to Mark and Susan when they enter the Marsten House?

8. What does Matt ask Father Callahan to do as a result of their conversation? Why?

9. Where does Susan go on her own in Chapter 11? For what purpose?

10. When Marjorie Glick wakes up sick after a specific dream, what symptoms make the reader believe she has been bitten by a vampire?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss one of the following aspects of the setting of this novel:

1) The time period. In what year is the novel set? What impact does this year have on the novel? How does this year compare to modern time?

2) The location. Why was Maine chosen? What is unique about this area, this town, that leaves it vulnerable to attack by vampires?

3) The setting as a whole. How does the setting influence the development of the plot? What about the setting makes the plot more believable? How would the novel be different if it had been set elsewhere or in a different time period?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Jerusalem's Lot. What is this town like in the beginning of the novel? Compare and contrast Jerusalem's Lot to other towns in the country, or to your hometown. How is Jerusalem's Lot like any other American city? How is it different? What changes in Jerusalem's Lot over the course of the novel? What made Jerusalem's Lot vulnerable to this change? Is Jerusalem's Lot unique in this vulnerability? Could something like this happen in your hometown? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss symbolism. What does the crucifix symbolize in this novel? How is the crucifix used as a weapon against the vampires? Why does Ben's tongue depressor crucifix work against Mrs. Glick, but Father Callahan's crucifix does not work against Barlow? What does this say about Ben and Father Callahan? What does Marsten House symbolize in this novel? Why? What does the coffin symbolize?

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