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Short Answer Questions

1. Who wakes to find her child dead?

2. Why is the patient confiding in Father Callahan?

3. What do Ben and his companions find in the Marsten House.

4. What do Ben and Jimmy learn happened at the Glick home?

5. Why did a family who bought a farm in 'Salem's Lot leave it?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mark Petrie tell Ben? What do they find while taking a drive?

2. What is in the scrapbook Ben has kept since leaving Jerusalem's Lot?

3. When Marjorie Glick wakes up sick after a specific dream, what symptoms make the reader believe she has been bitten by a vampire?

4. What is Ben forced to do while in the Marsten House? How does this connect to a tragedy in his past?

5. Who sneaks up on Susan in the woods outside the Marsten House? Why is this person there?

6. What happens to Mark and Susan when they enter the Marsten House?

7. Who does Father Callahan fight at the Petrie home? Why does he lose? What does this fight cause to happen to Father Callahan?

8. Where does Susan go on her own in Chapter 11? For what purpose?

9. What does Susan hear at Matt's house while Matt is checking on a strange noise in the guest room of his house? What does Susan later find in the guest room?

10. What does Father Callahan initially believe is the cause of Matt's story about the vampires in Jerusalem's Lot?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Larry Crockett. Who is Larry Crockett? Why does Crockett sell the Marsten House? What makes Crockett uneasy about this sale? Why does he complete the sale anyway? What does Crockett get out of the sale? What does this say about his character? Would the invasion of the vampires in Jerusalem's Lot have been possible without Larry Crockett? Why or why not? What eventually happens to Crockett? Is this fate deserved?

Essay Topic 2

What are vampires? Why do some of the characters have trouble believing in vampires? Why do other characters believe so easily? What do the vampires want in Jerusalem's Lot? Why do they make a sacrifice to Lord of Flies? Who is Lord of Flies? What power might Lord of Flies have over the vampires? How does Matt figure out how to kill the vampires? Why do they focus on killing Barlow? Does their plan work?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Father Callahan. What causes Father Callahan to drink to excess? Is Father Callahan unhappy in his profession? Explain. What does Father Callahan wish he could do rather than what he is doing? Does Father Callahan get this chance? How does he do? Why does Father Callahan believe Matt when he tells him about the vampires? Would one assume a priest would believe such a story? Why or why not?

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