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Short Answer Questions

1. What mode of transportation do these characters take when they run away from Jerusalem's Lot?

2. What do Ben and Jimmy make from tongue depressors?

3. Who blesses this creation? Why?

4. Who attempts to fight Barlow with faith alone and fails?

5. What does Mark Petrie initially refuse to do in answer to these knocks on his window?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Susan go on her own in Chapter 11? For what purpose?

2. What is Ben forced to do while in the Marsten House? How does this connect to a tragedy in his past?

3. Where is Susan while Mark is being held prisoner upstairs? Does Mark attempt to rescue her? What happens to Susan?

4. What does Susan hear at Matt's house while Matt is checking on a strange noise in the guest room of his house? What does Susan later find in the guest room?

5. Who sneaks up on Susan in the woods outside the Marsten House? Why is this person there?

6. What happens to Matt when he sees Mike return to his guest room as a vampire?

7. What does Matt ask Father Callahan to do as a result of their conversation? Why?

8. When Marjorie Glick wakes up sick after a specific dream, what symptoms make the reader believe she has been bitten by a vampire?

9. What do Franklin Bodden and Virgil Rathburn find when they visit the dump in Chapter 10?

10. Who wakes to find her child dead in the beginning of Chapter 10? What is this person's reaction?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss these themes, the characters they illustrate, and the author's intentions as regard to these themes:

1) Child abuse

2) Marital infidelity

3) Grief

Essay Topic 2

Who is Ben Mears? Why has he come to Jerusalem's Lot? What is Ben hoping to achieve by visiting this place? What has happened in Ben's life that has led him back to this childhood home? Does Ben have affectionate memories of this town? Does Ben have bad memories of this town? Discuss how his time in Jerusalem's Lot as a child has affected Ben as an adult. Discuss a recent tragedy in Ben's life and how that might have affected his decision to come to Jerusalem's Lot.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Susan Norton. Who is Susan? What is her education level? What is her relationship with her mother like? Why do Susan and her mother fight often through the course of the novel? What is Susan's relationship like with her father? How does this contrast with her relationship with her mother? Who is Susan dating when the novel begins? How does this relationship change through the course of the novel? Why? What does this change say about Susan's character?

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