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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ben think this person is not dead, but simply sleeping?
(a) Because he is breathing.
(b) Because he is watching them.
(c) Because there are no signs of violence.
(d) Because he looks overwhelmingly healthy.

2. Who do Ben and Matt decide to take with them that evening on their mysterious mission?
(a) Mark Petrie.
(b) Jimmy Cody.
(c) Susan Norton.
(d) Eva Miller.

3. When did Mike's troubles begin?
(a) The day his wife left him.
(b) When the state legislature was last in session.
(c) Since his wife got a new boyfriend.
(d) After Danny Glick's funeral.

4. Why does Ben Mears go to Matt Burke's English class?
(a) To give a presentation on Dracula.
(b) To talk about the dangers of motorcycles.
(c) To substitute teach for Matt.
(d) To give a speech about being a writer.

5. Why does Parkins come to Matt's house to investigate the dead man?
(a) Parkins is a curious neighbor.
(b) Parkins is the dead man's brother.
(c) Parkins is the coroner.
(d) Parkins is the constable.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is forced to bury the casket alone when his partner fails to return after the service?

2. Where does Matt run into Mike Ryerson?

3. Who tells her daughter she disapproves of Ben Mears?

4. What happens in Jerusalem's Lot in 1975?

5. What does this dark figure standing in the middle of Harmony Hill Cemetery appear to be holding?

Short Essay Questions

1. What obstacle do several characters point out stand between a possible relationship between Susan and Ben?

2. What does Hank Peters see in the Marsten cellar that he discusses with Larry Crockett?

3. What is usual about the box that two movers are ordered to take to the Marsten House?

4. What is unusual about the format of Chapter 3?

5. What does Ben find when he arrives at Matt's house?

6. What does Father Callahan attempt to hide from his housekeeper? Why?

7. Who died in the Marsten House in 1939?

8. Who does Matt run into at Dell's on Thursday night?

9. Who are the tall man and the boy?

10. How does Susan know who Ben is when she sees him in the park? What does this tell the reader about Ben's career to this point?

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