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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Matt and Ben agree has caused some odd changes in Jerusalem's Lot?
(a) A recent change in weather.
(b) Ben's arrival.
(c) The new moon.
(d) The arrival of Straker and Barlow.

2. What does Ben tell Susan his current book is about?
(a) The history of childhood pranks.
(b) The disappearance of four children before Hubert Marsten's death.
(c) The history of Jerusalem's Lot.
(d) The history of folklore in Maine.

3. Who asks a friend in the FBI to investigate the backgrounds of Ben Mears, Straker, and Barlow in the aftermath of the search for the missing boy?
(a) Hank Peters.
(b) Parkins Gillespsie.
(c) Matt Burke.
(d) Larry Crockett.

4. Who did Ben see when he entered the Marsten House as a nine-year-old boy?
(a) The ghost of Birdie Marsten.
(b) The ghost of Hubert Marsten.
(c) The ghost of a young boy.
(d) The ghost of Bobby Marsten.

5. What does Mike Ryerson find when he goes to work at the cemetery in Chapter 3?
(a) Tombstones have been stolen.
(b) A child hanging from a spike on the gate.
(c) A grave has been disturbed.
(d) Doc, a local dog, hanging from a spike on the gate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the local gossip in Jerusalem's Lot?

2. Who disappears while Matt and Ben get to know one another?

3. What does the tall man sell that allows him to quit his job and leave California?

4. Who tells her daughter she disapproves of Ben Mears?

5. Who was it that died in the fatal motorcycle accident in which one of the characters of the novel was driving?

Short Essay Questions

1. What detail does Ben suggest Matt leave out of his discussion with the police about Mike's death? Why?

2. What does Matt hear as he tries to fall asleep after allowing Mike to sleep in his spare bedroom?

3. What is the book Ben is currently writing about?

4. Which of the brothers eventually arrives home? What condition is he in?

5. Who becomes convinced that Danny's eyes are open in his coffin? What does he do about it?

6. What does Father Callahan attempt to hide from his housekeeper? Why?

7. Why does Ben decide to go out again after leaving Susan at home after their second dinner with her parents?

8. Why did Ben enter the Marsten House as a nine-year-old boy?

9. What two boys are walking alone in the dark woods? Why?

10. What is usual about the box that two movers are ordered to take to the Marsten House?

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