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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ben tell Susan his current book is about?
(a) The history of childhood pranks.
(b) The disappearance of four children before Hubert Marsten's death.
(c) The history of folklore in Maine.
(d) The history of Jerusalem's Lot.

2. Who found the dead bodies in Marsten House in 1939?
(a) Bobby, the owner's son.
(b) Parkins, a local cop.
(c) Jerusalem, the town's mayor.
(d) Larry McLeod, the mail carrier.

3. Who brings a photographer to Matt's house to investigate the dead man?
(a) The police.
(b) The doctor.
(c) The newspaper reporter.
(d) The coroner.

4. What does this visitor do to Dud after he falls into some sort of trance?
(a) Bites his neck.
(b) Places an embarrassing sign around his neck.
(c) Stabs him with a knife.
(d) Stiffs him on a bill.

5. How many families have lived in Marsten House since the murders?
(a) 6.
(b) 3.
(c) None.
(d) 1.

6. What does Hank Peters see in Marsten House that makes him convinced something is not right about Straker and Barlow?
(a) Clothing that looks like the ones Ralphie was wearing when he disappeared.
(b) Illegal drugs.
(c) Expensive paintings that must be stolen.
(d) Blood all over the walls and floor of the cellar.

7. Who is seen by several characters buying groceries at Milt Crossen's and lifting it with apparently no trouble?
(a) Straker.
(b) Barlow.
(c) Ben Mears.
(d) Mark Petrie.

8. To whom was the Marsten House sold?
(a) Straker and Barlow.
(b) Larry Crockett.
(c) Hubert Marsten, Jr.
(d) Ben Mears.

9. Who dug the grave prior to the service?
(a) Royal Snow and Bill Norton.
(b) Mike Ryerson and Mr. Glick.
(c) Royal Snow and Weasel Craig.
(d) Mike Ryerson and Royal Snow.

10. What do the men forget to do and must flip a coin to decide who will do it, per Straker's request?
(a) To stack the stones from the demolished wall.
(b) To paint the bathroom wall in the laundry mat.
(c) To clear out a clogged toilet in the laundry mat.
(d) To leave the key on a table in the cellar.

11. What does Susan tell Ben before leaving him for the night in Chapter 5?
(a) She wants to be with Floyd Tibbits.
(b) She cannot see him anymore.
(c) She wants to get married.
(d) She loves him.

12. Where is Danny Glick buried?
(a) Marsten Family Cemetery.
(b) The Glick Family Cemetery.
(c) Harmony Hill Cemetery.
(d) Jerusalem's Lot Public Cemetery.

13. Who did Ben see when he entered the Marsten House as a nine-year-old boy?
(a) The ghost of Birdie Marsten.
(b) The ghost of Bobby Marsten.
(c) The ghost of a young boy.
(d) The ghost of Hubert Marsten.

14. Who is Matt Burke?
(a) A math professor.
(b) An English teacher.
(c) A faith healer.
(d) A gas station attendant.

15. What does Matt hear as he tries to sleep that night?
(a) Mike snoring.
(b) Evil, childish laughter.
(c) Fighting, as though over the phone.
(d) Many, strange voices.

Short Answer Questions

1. What house catches Ben's attention as he arrives at his destination in 1975?

2. What does Larry Crockett offer Hank Peters to encourage him not to go to the police about the things he saw at Marsten House?

3. Who does Floyd Tibbits think is responsible for this occurrence?

4. Who dared nine-year-old Ben Mears to go inside Marsten House?

5. Who was it that died in the fatal motorcycle accident in which one of the characters of the novel was driving?

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