Salem's Lot Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who are the tall man and the boy?

The tall man is a writer who is clearly running from something. At the end of the chapter the reader learns his name is Ben Mears. The young boy is not clearly related to the tall man but does not seem to be with him under duress, suggesting the boy was not kidnapped. The implication is that the boy has been orphaned in some way and the tall man has taken him in.

2. What does the tall man drive more than forty miles to get every week?

The tall man drives more than forty miles to get a Portland, Maine, newspaper. It is unclear at this point why the tall man does this.

3. To whom does the boy make a confession?

The boy makes a confession to the local priest. This confession is so unbelievable that the priest checks it out with the tall man before accepting it as truth.

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