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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mark eventually change tactics in regard to the knocks on his window?
(a) Mark can feel himself being drawn into a trance by the vampire.
(b) Mark wants to become a vampire.
(c) Mark decides friendship is more powerful than the supernatural.
(d) Mark wants his parents to be turned into vampires.

2. Who died in Marsten House in 1939?
(a) Billy and Bobby.
(b) Hubert and Birdie.
(c) Susan and Ann.
(d) Ben and Carol.

3. What happens to Marjorie Glick's body when the sun goes down?
(a) She is autopsied.
(b) She wakes and rises.
(c) Nothing, she is still dead.
(d) She is taken to the mortuary.

4. What does the patient tell Father Callahan about Jerusalem's Lot?
(a) That he believes the new owners of Marsten House are ruining the property values.
(b) That he believes vampires have invaded the town.
(c) That he believes zombies are coming to town.
(d) That he plans to retire and take up fly fishing.

5. Who turns Corey into a vampire on his way out of town?
(a) Danny Glick.
(b) Susan Norton.
(c) Barlow.
(d) Mike Ryerson.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Matt and Ben agree has caused some odd changes in Jerusalem's Lot?

2. What does Larry Crockett offer Hank Peters to encourage him not to go to the police about the things he saw at Marsten House?

3. Who becomes frightened while walking through the woods in Chapter 3?

4. What house catches Ben's attention as he arrives at his destination in 1975?

5. Who is bitten while Jimmy and Ben are at the mortuary? By whom?

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