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The Marsten House

This was once occupied by Hubert and Birdie Marsten. Hubert kills Birdie and then himself in 1939, and the mail carrier finds Hubert and Birdie dead. From that time until roughly the beginning of the story in 1975, nobody inhabits this place. This place is the center of Ben's book that he has come to Jerusalem's Lot to write as well as nightmares from his childhood. This place is also the home of Straker and Barstow for most of the novel.

The Tongue Depressor Cross

This was used by Ben to protect himself and Jimmy from Mrs. Glick as they watched over her dead body, expecting her to rise at dusk. This object protects Ben, but leaves Jimmy vulnerable. Jimmy is bitten.

Ben's Paperweight

Ben took this from the Marsten House when he was nine years old and his friends dared him to go into the house...

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