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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Joan exhibit in Scene 3 that convinces the men in battle that she is sent by God?
(a) A piece of the True Cross.
(b) A vision of St. Margaret and St. Catherine.
(c) Control over animals.
(d) Otherworldly behavior and miracles.

2. What is Joan's suggestion to the king and his advisers in Scene 5?
(a) That they make her queen.
(b) That they continue in war.
(c) That they ally with Italy in a war against England.
(d) That they trust her in all matters of state.

3. What is Robert's profession?
(a) King.
(b) Military officer.
(c) Steward.
(d) Priest.

4. What is the fear created for the English by Joan aligning herself as an individual with the French King?
(a) That individual citizens could be strengthened at the expense of the feudal system.
(b) That individual citizens might begin to band together in her support.
(c) That the church might lose its power over the French monarchy.
(d) That women might become powerful citizens.

5. Who is the Dauphin's military adviser?
(a) Archbishop of Rheims.
(b) Lord Chamberlain de la Tremouille.
(c) Gilles de Rais.
(d) The Dauphin himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Scene 1, whose voices does Joan claim to hear?

2. What has happened to the French army in the beginning of Scene 3?

3. In Scene 5, what is one of the emotions felt by Joan's colleagues when she makes her final decision about the battle in Paris?

4. In Scene 3, how do the men in battle feel about Joan?

5. What nationality is the person leading the French army?

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