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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Scene 2, where do the Dauphin's advisers wait for him to arrive?
(a) In a castle.
(b) In a stable on the outskirts of Lorraine.
(c) In a stable on the outskirts of Champagne.
(d) In the cathedral at Rheims.

2. In Scene 2, Joan receives scorn for what?
(a) Her visions.
(b) Her forward nature.
(c) Her boyish hairstyle and clothing.
(d) Her lack of military prowess.

3. Who lives in the castle mentioned at the opening of the play?
(a) The Dauphin.
(b) Robert de Baudricourt.
(c) Joan.
(d) The King.

4. What is distressing the commander of the French army in the beginning of Scene 3?
(a) His bad fortune.
(b) His children are ill and he cannot return home.
(c) The death of his wife.
(d) Joan's orders.

5. What does Joan exhibit in Scene 3 that convinces the men in battle that she is sent by God?
(a) Otherworldly behavior and miracles.
(b) A vision of St. Margaret and St. Catherine.
(c) Control over animals.
(d) A piece of the True Cross.

Short Answer Questions

1. The hens' recovery at the end of Scene 1 proves what to Robert?

2. What does Joan agree to do for the French commander?

3. In Scene 3, how do the men in battle feel about Joan?

4. In Scene 2, what example is given of Joan's spiritual fortitude?

5. Joan hopes to convince the leader of her country to do what in Scene 1?

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