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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the Dauphin feel about Joan's convictions in Scene 2?
(a) Depressed.
(b) Ambiguous.
(c) Encouraged.
(d) Skeptical.

2. What do the officials in Scene 6 discuss before Joan is brought into the courtroom?
(a) How to effectively try the girl without prejudice.
(b) Joan's crimes and what the consequences should be.
(c) The severity of Joan's crimes.
(d) What Joan's punishment should be since they already know she will confess.

3. What does the Dauphin tell the high-ranking officials when they return to the room in Scene 2?
(a) That they are dismissed from his employ.
(b) That they will now have to follow Joan.
(c) That Joan is to be taken to the dungeon.
(d) That they must give him more money for a military exploit.

4. Who joins the discussion the two men in the English camp are having about Joan in Scene 4?
(a) The Dauphin.
(b) A soldier.
(c) A bishop.
(d) A French spy.

5. In Scene 2, who tries to trick Joan into thinking he is the Dauphin?
(a) Lord Chamberlain de la Tremouille.
(b) Bluebeard.
(c) All of the answers are correct.
(d) Archbishop of Rheims.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Scene 2, who is waiting for the arrival of the Dauphin?

2. In Scene 6, Joan gives two reasons for dressing in men's clothing. Which of these is one of those reasons?

3. How is the Dauphin described in Scene 2?

4. What is the name of the city where the men are waiting for the Dauphin in Scene 2?

5. In Scene 6, what does Joan risk by not submitting to the church officials' demands?

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