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Short Answer Questions

1. Why won't Eemook be coming to meet the sea lion?

2. Why do Ike, Mike, and Greer have to return to town?

3. After the funeral, what does Shoola offer Ike to console his loss?

4. What has the Foxcorp yacht been vandalized with?

5. What is the movie star doing when she's hit?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss how love and attraction affect characters' actions, honesty, and the dynamics of the story.

Essay Topic 2

Ike had a colorful past as the Bakatcha Bandit and cannot escape his reputation even after isolating himself in Kuinak. Ike's past is convoluted for a majority of Sailor Song, and his true nature is frequently obscured by his misrepresentation of himself and others' inflated views of him. Discuss these many dimensions of Ike and their relationship to the world, humanity, and the individual.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss what the course of Underdog Club in Sailor Song is meant to represent about humanity.

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