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Short Answer Questions

1. After Foxcorp has begun to settle in Kuinak, what is Kuinak excited for?

2. Ike's friend in prison was named ______.

3. In the time Sailor Song is set, the population of the town is primarily made up of _______.

4. What did Alice become famous around town for?

5. Who are the Cherry Tarts?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Reverend Greener?

2. Is there much concern about Mike?

3. What does "scoot" indicate about time?

4. What's the purpose of Chapter 2?

5. How is the Foxcorp party affecting the town?

6. What does "Bakatcha Bandit" imply about Ike?

7. In Chapter 3, why is this small town about to change?

8. Why does Steubins want to meet with the town leaders?

9. What is the Underdog Club, and how is it formed?

10. Why is Alice drinking again?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the character of "nature" in Sailor Song.

Essay Topic 2

There are three critical storms in Sailor Song: the two in Kuinak and the one in Shoola and the Sea Lion. These three storms draw many parallels with each other and incite different elements of the story and struggle. Discuss the use of storms in the book as a common thread and accelerator.

Essay Topic 3

Mystery surrounds the characters in Sailor Song, from their history to true motives. This is strongest in Alice and Ike, Foxcorp, and even in subtle dynamics like Shoola and Harry. Discuss mystery as a sub-narrative in Sailor Song and how it drives and suspends situations, relationships, and the reader's experiences.

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