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Short Answer Questions

1. After Ike wakes up and goes to meet Alice, where is Greer waiting for Ike?

2. When the town was discovered, it was generally _________.

3. What does Steubins warn Ike not to do?

4. Who is Alice?

5. Mike was born in _________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Steubins want to meet with the town leaders?

2. How would you describe Mike as a husband?

3. How does Chapter 5 tie back to Chapter 3?

4. Does Ike try to isolate himself?

5. Who is Reverend Greener?

6. What's the relevance of albinism in Chapter 3?

7. Why is Shoola and the Sea Lion an appropriate or inappropriate children's book?

8. What is the Underdog Club, and how is it formed?

9. In Shoola and the Sea Lion, how are appearances not as they seem?

10. In Shoola and the Sea Lion, why are the women fascinated by the stranger?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss why Shoola and the Sea Lion is the appropriate story to be tied to Sailor Song and how it aids the reader's understanding.

Essay Topic 2

Mystery surrounds the characters in Sailor Song, from their history to true motives. This is strongest in Alice and Ike, Foxcorp, and even in subtle dynamics like Shoola and Harry. Discuss mystery as a sub-narrative in Sailor Song and how it drives and suspends situations, relationships, and the reader's experiences.

Essay Topic 3

Kuinak's struggles represent the world and its final big storm affects everyone in the world. Discuss how Kuinak functions as an analogy for development in the world and Kesey's commentary on the future.

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