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Short Answer Questions

1. What sea creatures are caught in Mike's fishing net?

2. Who is Alice?

3. After Ike wakes up and goes to meet Alice, where is Greer waiting for Ike?

4. The two explorers mentioned are Bering and ______.

5. Who comes to the docks in Chapter 7?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Foxcorp's request to have a personal meeting with Ike say about Ike?

2. How is Eemook an unlikely hero?

3. How does Chapter 5 tie back to Chapter 3?

4. Who is Reverend Greener?

5. What does "scoot" indicate about time?

6. How would you describe Mike as a husband?

7. How does Chapter 4 present Kuinak as a character?

8. Is the man strangling Louise ruthless?

9. What is the Underdog Club, and how is it formed?

10. What's the purpose of Chapter 2?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss why Shoola and the Sea Lion is the appropriate story to be tied to Sailor Song and how it aids the reader's understanding.

Essay Topic 2

In Sailor Song, much of the characters' natures are displayed through their heroic or cowardly actions. Discuss the use of heroism in the book as another commonality between characters, an accelerator for situations, and why it is so critical to "honesty" in the book.

Essay Topic 3

Reverend Greener and Ike are paralleled in their desire for social reform. However, Ike is no longer an activist and lies at the opposite end of the spectrum from Rev. Greener. Discuss the use of these opposing men in a common interest and what we learn about humanity, the future, and Ike through this relationship.

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