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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Alice and Ike are intimate, Alice watches _______.
(a) <i>The Simpsons</i>.
(b) The trailer for <i>Shoola and the Sea Lion</i>.
(c) The Northern Lights.
(d) Ike sleep.

2. What's the second unfortunate thing that happens to Paul's icehouse?
(a) It catches fire.
(b) The machinery breaks.
(c) It's stolen from him.
(d) It's destroyed in a tsunami.

3. While searching, what does Alice realize?
(a) She wants to kill Mike.
(b) She should direct movies.
(c) She should find Nick's father.
(d) She loves Ike.

4. What is the storm doing to the Cobra crew's ship?
(a) Sinking it.
(b) Splashing it.
(c) Spinning it.
(d) Tearing it apart.

5. How does the stranger win the shadow puppet contest?
(a) Cheating.
(b) Hypnotism.
(c) Making dragon shapes.
(d) Making threats.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the movie star doing when she's hit?

2. The purpose of Chapter 4 is to show the _______ of the town.

3. Who took care of Alice's son?

4. Why does Ike spray sewage?

5. What broke up Ike and Jeannie's marriage?

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