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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)



Ike frequently comes to the rescue in Chapter 1 and it is clearly part of his nature. In this lesson, discuss the situations surrounding Ike's heroism and his character.


1) Data Collection: As a class, list all "heroic" or "brave" acts by characters in Chapter 1.

2) Groups: Split the class into two groups. Assign Ike's heroism with the cat to one and Ike's heroism with Louise to the other. Ask each group to discuss their heroic act, what is revealed about Ike as a man or hero, the outcome of his act, and ask: is it heroic?

3) Group Presentations: Ask the groups to present and compare their findings. Ask the class to compare their findings to other characters' heroism in Chap. 1. What are common heroic qualities of characters in novels, in general? Record a list of these common qualities. How does Ike compare to what we common...

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