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Short Answer Questions

1. At first the children thought the treat was:

2. Who attempted to calm the people about Slocum's presence?

3. How many female students accompanied the teachers?

4. Slocum was happy to meet another American who worked as a ______.

5. What type of bird greeted Slocum as he approached Keeling Cocos?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe at least one incident in which money was given to support Slocum's journey.

2. The Spray's next port was on the island of Rodriguez. Explain the expectation of Slocum's arrival.

3. Aside from the King, Slocum met other people from royal families. Discuss the meeting with Mr. A. Young.

4. What was Slocum's opinion of the area?

5. What was the common procedure when a ship arrived on Mauritius?

6. Discuss Slocum's arrival on the Keeling Cocos Islands. What was Slocum's first sign that he was getting close?

7. What story does Slocum tell about introducing the islanders to donuts?

8. Slocum received a pleasant surprise after he landed in Apia. What was the surprise?

9. Examine Slocum's first interaction with the children of the island.

10. Where did the Spray land in South Africa? Who did Slocum meet there?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The point of view used in "Sailing Alone Around the World" by Joshua Slocum is third person omniscient. Examine the author's choice. What are the benefits of writing in third person omniscient? What are the disadvantages? How would the story change if it had been written entirely in first person? Explain. Choose a passage from the book and rewrite it in the first person. Note observations on the way the text changed.

Essay Topic 2

Examine in detail the types of ships mentioned in the story. Include the oyster boat, gaff, tug boat and others. Which is the most practical? Which is best suited to Slocum? Explain who would be likely to operate each boat. Also examine the purpose of each.

Essay Topic 3

Examine the navigational tools used in Slocum's time. Compare and contrast them to tools used 100 years before and 100 years after. What were the most significant improvements? What instruments did not change? What instruments are still in use today?

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