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Nova Scotia

This is a heavily populated Canadian province on the southeastern tip of the country.

The Spray

This is Joshua Slocum's sloop that he rebuilt from a shell of a boat.

Bay of Fundy

This is located near Slocum's hometown of Mount Hanley, Nova Scotia.

Northern Light

Slocum was co-owner of this ship.


Slocum's little bark, this boat served him to near perfection for nearly twenty years.

Fairhaven, Connecticut

This is the port from which Slocum began his voyage.

New Bedford

The home to Slocum's seafaring friend, the whaling captain, is this.

Atlantic Ocean

Slocum crossed this body of water on his solo voyage.


This is the original destination of Slocum's sloop on its round the world voyage.

Briar's Island

Slocum made this his first stop and stayed here for two weeks to reinforce his sloop and to acquire necessary supplies.

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