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Colson Whitehead
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Melanie living when Benji meets her in Chapter 7?
(a) A rented beach house.
(b) A youth hostel.
(c) Her parents' yacht.
(d) Her parents' mansion.

2. What does Benji's father get annoyed about with Benji's mother during the BBQ?
(a) She never does her hair right.
(b) She needs to lose some weight.
(c) She bought cheap paper plates.
(d) She needs to gain some weight.

3. Which word best describes Benji's father?
(a) Prideful.
(b) Gentle.
(c) Remorseful.
(d) Humble.

4. How does Benji see the headlights pull into the driveway of his old house?
(a) He sees their reflection in a glass of water.
(b) He catches a glimpse of them in the mirror.
(c) He's closing the window and sees the car.
(d) He has his eyes open while kissing Melanie.

5. What did Benji think of the concert at the time?
(a) It was good.
(b) It was overpriced.
(c) It was amazing.
(d) It was dumb.

Short Answer Questions

1. Benji sneaks into his old house with ___________.

2. What is the title of Chapter 5?

3. Which group goes first in the neighborhood races in Chapter 8?

4. What is the full name of the band that came to Sag Harbor in Chapter 6?

5. Whom does Benji have a crush on in Chapter 6?

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