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Colson Whitehead
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Benji think of the concert at the time?
(a) It was overpriced.
(b) It was dumb.
(c) It was amazing.
(d) It was good.

2. When Benji looks at the Sag Harbor adults, what does he imagine is the reason he can't figure out which one he will become?
(a) His future self is too important to return to Sag Habor ever again.
(b) His future self is too scared to acknowledge himself to the younger Benji.
(c) His future self never returns to Sag Harbor.
(d) He doesn't live past the age of 18.

3. Why does Reggie tell Benji he's ready to go back to the city?
(a) He misses his girlfriend.
(b) He misses his parents.
(c) He misses his friends back home.
(d) He's tired of Burger King.

4. How does Melanie act the day after she and Benji make out?
(a) She dumps Nick.
(b) Benji never knows; he never sees her again.
(c) She tells all her friends about it.
(d) Like nothing happened.

5. Which word best describes Benji's father?
(a) Gentle.
(b) Remorseful.
(c) Humble.
(d) Prideful.

6. What kind of music does the local radio station play?
(a) Top 40 songs.
(b) Rap.
(c) A mix of local and national bands.
(d) Country.

7. Whom do the members of the band talk to on the day of their concert?
(a) NP.
(b) Benji.
(c) Randy.
(d) No one; everyone is too awestruck.

8. On what holiday do the Sag Harbor neighbors celebrate the end of summer?
(a) Labor Day.
(b) The first Friday in August.
(c) The first Tuesday in October.
(d) July 4th.

9. What does Benji think of the concert in retrospect?
(a) It was just mediocre.
(b) It was a waste of money.
(c) It was better than he knew at the time.
(d) It was a huge deal for such a small town.

10. When do Erica and her family arrive in Sag Harbor?
(a) On the 4th of July.
(b) A few weeks before the concert.
(c) A week or two before everyone else leaves.
(d) A week or two after Benji's family does.

11. What does Benji think about his upcoming year as the summer concludes?
(a) He'll be lucky to live through it.
(b) It's going to be an awful year.
(c) It's going to be a great year.
(d) The year is going to be his most boring one yet.

12. With what does NP plan to bribe one of the bouncers at the concert?
(a) Beer.
(b) Marijuana.
(c) Free ice cream.
(d) Money.

13. How did Benji get a ticket to the concert at Sag Harbor?
(a) He simply bought one.
(b) He was given a free ticket.
(c) He bribed someone else to buy one for him.
(d) He made Randy buy one for him.

14. What does Benji's father get annoyed about with Benji's mother during the BBQ?
(a) She needs to lose some weight.
(b) She needs to gain some weight.
(c) She never does her hair right.
(d) She bought cheap paper plates.

15. What does Barry throw into the bonfire?
(a) A firecracker.
(b) A battery.
(c) His homework.
(d) His beer cans.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Melanie living when Benji meets her in Chapter 7?

2. What major event happens to Benji in Chapter 7?

3. What instructions are the children given about the bonfire?

4. What does Benji worry will prevent him from seeing the concert?

5. How old was Melanie when she first kissed Benji?

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