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Colson Whitehead
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What about Marcus's bike is so noteworthy?
(a) It has an annoying horn that he honks all the time.
(b) It is bright pink because it was originally his sisters.
(c) It has a small motor.
(d) It's really loud when it changes gears.

2. What kind of car do Benji and his family drive out to Sag Harbor?
(a) Just a regular, standard car.
(b) An RV so they can camp along the way.
(c) A really small, classic VW Beetle.
(d) A huge minivan.

3. How many Jonni Waffles are there?
(a) Ten.
(b) Just 1.
(c) Over 100.
(d) Several.

4. What kind of school do Benji and Reggie go to?
(a) They are home schooled.
(b) College.
(c) Public school.
(d) Private school.

5. What kind of place is Jonni Waffle?
(a) A breakfast place.
(b) An ice cream parlor.
(c) A place that specializes in chicken and waffles.
(d) A sandwich shop that uses waffles for bread.

6. What is the title of Chapter 3?
(a) Benji Beats Reggie.
(b) Chapter 3.
(c) Home Alone.
(d) If I Could Pay You Less, I Would.

7. Who else works at Jonni Waffle?
(a) NP.
(b) Clive.
(c) Reggie.
(d) Clinton.

8. How does Benji react immediately after Martine pats him on the head?
(a) He is stunned.
(b) He throws down his apron and quits on the spot.
(c) He flies into a rage.
(d) He laughs and laughs.

9. Which friends does Benji hang out the most with at the beginning of summer?
(a) Ryan, Jason, and Dan.
(b) NP, Bobby, and Marcus.
(c) Randy, Calvin, and Xander.
(d) Malcolm, Jamal, and Chris.

10. What time of day do Benji and his family drive out to Sag Harbor?
(a) Before dawn.
(b) At midnight.
(c) After dinner but before sunset.
(d) After lunch.

11. What impressive skill does Marcus have?
(a) He can read minds.
(b) He is really good at talking to girls.
(c) He has a photographic memory.
(d) He can smell BBQ from miles away.

12. How old is the manager of the Jonni Waffle?
(a) At least 70.
(b) Younger than Benji.
(c) No one knows.
(d) College-aged.

13. How does Benji feel about Meg during their time together at Jonni Waffle?
(a) He finds her totally annoying.
(b) He thinks she's nice but not very pretty.
(c) He has a crush on her.
(d) He thinks she's pretty but not very nice.

14. Where is Reggie's work located?
(a) West Hampton.
(b) East Hampton.
(c) Jersey Shore.
(d) North Hampton.

15. What kinds of things did Benji always used to get invited to?
(a) Football games.
(b) Dance contests.
(c) Karaoke contests.
(d) Bar mitzvahs and birthday parties.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the store where Benji and Reggie do their grocery shopping?

2. Where does Benji get hit during the BB gun fight?

3. What do Nick and NP discuss most of the time they are at Jonni Waffle?

4. What kind of car does Randy drive in Chapter 2?

5. Who now lives in the house Benji and his family originally stayed in at Sag Harbor?

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