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Colson Whitehead
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of car do Benji and his family drive out to Sag Harbor?
(a) A huge minivan.
(b) A really small, classic VW Beetle.
(c) Just a regular, standard car.
(d) An RV so they can camp along the way.

2. What does Nick think of Martine?
(a) He is not black.
(b) He is, in fact, black.
(c) It doesn't matter.
(d) He is the worst manager in all of history.

3. Where is Reggie's work located?
(a) East Hampton.
(b) Jersey Shore.
(c) North Hampton.
(d) West Hampton.

4. Why does Benji end up riding his bike by himself after he finds NP?
(a) Everyone else has a car.
(b) He gets left behind.
(c) He's the only one with a bike.
(d) He thinks everyone else walks too slow.

5. What is the name of the store where Benji and Reggie do their grocery shopping?
(a) Safeway.
(b) Frederico's.
(c) Albertson's.
(d) Meijer's.

6. Which character does NOT work at Jonni Waffle?
(a) Clive.
(b) Benji.
(c) Nick.
(d) NP.

7. Who gets a BB gun after another boy in the group gets one?
(a) NP.
(b) Randy.
(c) Bobby and NP.
(d) Bobby.

8. Why does Martine pat Benji on the head one afternoon?
(a) For always coming to work early.
(b) For learning so much in such a short period of time.
(c) For keeping up with a sudden demand for waffle cones.
(d) For being so motivational to the other boys.

9. What kind of place is Jonni Waffle?
(a) A breakfast place.
(b) A sandwich shop that uses waffles for bread.
(c) A place that specializes in chicken and waffles.
(d) An ice cream parlor.

10. What happens to Randy's car as the boys prepare to leave the beach in Chapter 2?
(a) It drives off by itself.
(b) It won't start.
(c) It gets four flat tires.
(d) It catches on fire.

11. How does Benji get back into Jonni Waffle after everyone has closed up after the power outage?
(a) He uses his own keys.
(b) He knows the security code.
(c) He asks someone else for the keys.
(d) He breaks in.

12. What does Reggie do so he can participate in the BB gun war?
(a) Eats a live worm.
(b) Quits his job.
(c) Changes his work schedule.
(d) Goes on a hunger strike until they decide to let him play.

13. What kinds of things did Benji always used to get invited to?
(a) Dance contests.
(b) Football games.
(c) Karaoke contests.
(d) Bar mitzvahs and birthday parties.

14. What time of year do Benji and his family drive out to Sag Harbor?
(a) Early fall.
(b) Early winter.
(c) Early spring.
(d) Early summer.

15. What must Benji do to feel comfortable being out in the water?
(a) Be with his friends.
(b) Hold on to the buoy.
(c) Wear a life jacket.
(d) Always be able to touch the ground.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose hand did Benji hold at the roller rink?

2. Where does Benji get hit during the BB gun fight?

3. What do NP and Randy do with their BB guns in the park one day?

4. When did Benji and Reggie no longer start to act like twins?

5. What did Martine own before he opened up Jonni Waffle?

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