Objects & Places from Sag Harbor

Colson Whitehead
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Nick's Jewelry - These often consist of big gold chains that have a character's name written out in gold.

Nick's Radio - A character often carries this around with him so that he can play his mix tapes.

Randy's Rifle - This item that can fire further and harder depending on how many pumps it is given.

Randy's Jalopy - This is small, old, and damaged, with a hole in the floorboards.

Bobby's Car - This is given to a character by his parents, a gift that he criticized as being a result of his mother's servitude to the white man.

WLNG - This is a radio station out of East Hampton that only plays Top 40 hits.

Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam - This was a popular music act in the 1980s.

The Cosby Show - This was a television show featuring a patriarch of a black...

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