Sag Harbor Character Descriptions

Colson Whitehead
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Benji - As the protagonist, this character is a few months short of his sixteenth birthday the summer of 1985.

Reggie - This person and his brother were once like twins since there is less than a year between them in ages. This person spends a great deal of the summer of 1985 working in order to avoid being around his father.

NP - This is a young man whose family summers at Sag Harbor near Benji's family. His name/nickname is related to the many tall tales that he likes to tell.

Bobby - This character is an angry young man who blames his mother for all the bad things that happen to them because she works for Wall Street.

Nick - This character's family was once one of the Sag Harbor summer group, but his parents divorced and his mother chose to live at Sag Harbor permanently...

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