Sag Harbor Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Colson Whitehead
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Chapters 1-2

• The reader is introduced to Benji, an African American teenager who lives in New York City. He and his younger brother, Reggie, are only 10 months apart and used to be mistaken for twins.

• Benji refers to himself and his brother as "separated twins" because they have since separated a bit. Benji remembers realizing, while holding hands with a girl at a roller rink, that he had officially separated from his brother. They end up going to different private high schools in New York City.

• After the boys arrive in Sag Harbor, they begin the journey of walking around to see who else is there. They find their friend NP, and they head into town.
• Benji and Reggie's house becomes the place where everyone hangs out, since Benji's parents leave the boys alone and only come out to Sag Harbor during the weekends (if at all). Reggie...

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